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Our Mission

SIMAB, SA is a company integrated in the Business Sector of the State that manages and provides services of conception, installation, dimensioning, revitalization and modernization of suppliers and municipal markets.

Reference group in the sector, recognized as the best option for the quality of the services it provides, assumes a strategy of sustained growth, committed to creating value for operators, customers and consumers.

Our Values

Proactivity– We operate in a challenging, competitive, changing environment on a daily basis and where initiative and anticipation are critical to adding value to our service and gaining recognition.

Multifunctionality– The demands of our customers compel us to ensure an effective response capacity. In the context of maximizing operational efficiency, multifunctional allocation of resources is clearly a priority.

Accuracy– Because it is fundamental to ensure good decisions, ensuring the correct and efficient management of resources.

The organizational culture is not exhausted in the three values presented. At all times, the employees of the Grupo SIMAB must adopt a daily attitude capable of ensuring innovative management, transparencyin all processes and a culture of social and environmental responsibility.